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Pure Indulgence: A Little of What You Fancy

We’ve been thinking a lot about the whole idea of indulgence lately, especially when it comes to food brands. How to balance the ever-growing nutritious ‘good for you’ needs of consumers when you have a decadent (and probably not so good for you) product?

We see it as a ‘Pure Indulgence’, the idea that a little of what you fancy can go a long way, and you can read all about it in an article by our founder and Creative Director, Sophie Neilan, which was published in Dairy Innovation this month.

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Shaping the future of broadcasting

It’s exciting to be working with Base79 as YouTube evolves from a platform merely to share personal videos into a force shaping the future of broadcasting.
Base79 is one of Europe’s leading online video companies and the largest YouTube network outside of North America. We’re rolling out a series of new YouTube channel identities for them. The aim? To attract and retain as many subscribers as possible.

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Feel the love

Since it’s Valentine’s day, I thought it might be nice to write love letters to the brands I hold closest to my heart. I’m afraid there’s more than one so I may be considered a brand polygamist. Never mind. They’ll never know!

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Knowing Your Target

This ad for the Fiat 500L is a classic example of understanding your target market.

They don’t even mention the product. It’s all about the target. As someone who is still (just about) part of that target market, it resonates (particularly the bit about the book club)! You can watch it here. Thanks to Christien van Yzendoorn via Stella Webb for finding this one!

Be quiet!

I finally managed to get to The Quiet Shop at Selfridges. After all the talk, it was good to get a chance to see what the fuss was about. My verdict: it was … er … okay. The fact that they had music thumping inside The Quiet Shop seemed a bit off-brand, but then I guess it’s anti-brand so maybe that was the point.

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Our design on The Dieline

Very excited to announce that you can find our latest work featured on The Dieline. It’s a range of deliciously wholesome crisps for The Food Doctor. We’ll be featuring the case study, along with some of our other recent work, in the work section on the site soon. You can read The Dieline article here.