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Client : Base79

Naming, brand identity and moving image for an electronic dance music YouTube channel

  • Positioning
  • Naming
  • Brand identity
  • Moving image

The largest YouTube network outside the USA asked us to create a brand for a new electronic dance music channel. Not only did the brand need a name and a logo, we had to come up with a distinctive idea for the visuals on show while the tracks are being played. With a discerning audience, it was important for the brand not to look ‘manufactured’.

A look into the history of electronic dance music revealed a classic synthesiser, the Roland TB – 303. Having found a name, we created a strong brandmark and worked with our friends at Napoleon Creative to create a series of ‘dancing’ animations which loop as the music plays, making the brandmark appear to pulse with the sound.

The resulting YouTube channel has been a resounding success with 35,400 subscribers signing up within the first nine months.

Check out the 303 channel here.

And here’s one of the sample animations:

You can find out more about Napoleon Creative here.