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Tesco Health Hackathon


A couple of weeks ago, Sophie represented our client, The Food Doctor, as a mentor at Tesco’s “Health Hackathon”.

The forty-eight hour event was run by Tesco Labs and saw 100 marketers, web developers and entrepreneurs compete to produce the winning solution to help customers “lead healthier lives”.

On the first day, competitors got to test their ideas out on a panel of consumers. A quote from one, ”The best way to get me to make healthy choices is to do it through my kids!” may have been the inspiration for the winning app.

Designed to turn shopping into a game, ‘Barcode Monsters’ features characters that measure nutritional content by getting “happier or sadder” when children scan products.

Check out Tesco Labs’ film on Vimeo for the full story.

Tesco Labs Health Hackathon from Tesco Labs on Vimeo.


Author: Sophie

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